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Pop Smoke Murder: Teen Pleads Guilty To Shooting Rapper

According to FOX 11 Los Angeles, an 18-year-old suspect pleaded guilty to first-degree murder on Friday (May 12). The teen admitted to intentionally discharging a firearm and home invasion robbery in connection to Pop Smoke’s death.

The shooter was 15 at the time of the crime. California law did not allow the teen to be charged as an adult.

Pop Smoke’s killer will remain in a juvenile facility until he turns 25. The teen was one of three juveniles involved in the fatal home invasion.

A 19-year-old co-defendant also pleaded guilty to home invasion robbery. Judge J. Christopher Smith refused to give the teens credit for time served.

“That man lost his life over no good reason,” the judge said. “You have no right to take somebody’s life. You have no right to take somebody’s property.”

Last month, a 20-year-old defendant pleaded guilty to his role in Pop Smoke’s death. He was charged with voluntary manslaughter and home invasion robbery.

Corey Walker was the only suspect charged as an adult. He was 19 when the home invasion occurred.

Walker faces murder, burglary and robbery charges. He awaits a pretrial hearing in June.

Pop Smoke was shot and killed in February 2020. He was 20.

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