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Read More About- Actor Eric Hanson

I'm Eric Hanson, an actor.

I wasn't always one, but I could sure lie & fake cry with the best of 'em. As the youngest of three boys, I learned early on that making them laugh would save me from getting panted, red-bellied, or Dutch-overed.

After living a life not fully lived, I began my film, TV, and stage career in 2013. In my very first play, I won a Performance of the Year Award for playing Lee in Sam Shepard's, True West at a small playhouse in Ennis, TX. The very next year I found myself on a national tour, playing to 2,000+ seat theaters across the Midwest Image 1After flying out to see me in one of these shows, my wife encouraged me to drop everything else so we could pursue this dream full-time. I'm now a full time actor based in Dallas, Texas and work all over the country from Los Angeles to New York, and with New Orleans being like a second home.

It’s been a wild ride, and we’re barely out of the gate.

I won't bore you with more humble-bragging… except to say that last year I played the leading role of Adam in The Challenger Disaster movie, which played in theaters across the country. It's about a group of engineers who tried to stop the ill-fated launch of the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986, and then had to deal with the aftermath. I'm very proud of this film and I hope you'll watch it. I’m gonna drop this here because it’s honestly the only review outside of my family’s that will ever matter to me:

21 Eleven Radio Show Live Exclusive Interview with Actor Eric Hanson as he talks about

his New Movie "Nefarious" is In Theaters Now

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